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38339 US Hwy 50, Gunnison, CO 81230

Guest reviews from New Zealand

Dear Island Acres,
While traveling in the USA for two weeks, we have found it difficult to find some of the amenities that we enjoy: a kettle to make our morning tea, coffee cups (it is so much nicer than heating tea in a cardboard cup,) plates, cutlery and bowls for our morning cereal, and a fridge (feeding a family of five is costly!) With a fridge, and especially with your kitchens, we could go to the supermarket and buy everything so we can eat at night and have lunch makings for the next day while we traveled around. We do enjoy eating out, just not every meal.
While we have been here, we have found your units are really nice and spacious, and well stocked. In New Zealand, we would call these units ‘self-contained’ or ‘fully contained.’ They worked really well for our needs.
Thank you!