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Photo of deer standing inside grassy area outside Rippling River Ranch Cabin at Island Acres Resort Motel.

The Rippling River Ranch is Island Acres Resort Motel’s very own historical cabin. Its story is one of prosperity, followed by loss—all of which led to its relocation to Island Acres in the 1960s.

Iola, Colorado and the Rippling River Ranch

Iola, CO, the original home of the Rippling River Ranch, was founded in 1896 in Gunnison County. At its peak, it was home to a few hundred people, with a thriving economy dependent on cattle ranching and hospitality catered toward anglers eager to fish the waters of the Gunnison River. However, this quaint town would soon cease to exist as the state made way for the Blue Mesa Dam.

View the video below for a deeper look into this historic Colorado mountain town.

Blue Mesa Dam Construction

The Blue Mesa Dam was an irrigation and hydropower project that culminated in what is now known as Colorado’s largest body of water—the Blue Mesa Reservoir. According to the Bureau of Reclamation, at peak water surface elevation, the reservoir covers an area of 9,180 acres—a portion of which was previously the town of Iola.

To make way for the reservoir, residents of the former town of Iola were forced to relocate. While much of the town’s infrastructure was lost to the depths of the reservoir, some buildings were relocated, including the Rippling River Ranch.

Rippling River Ranch Today

Today, thanks to previous owners of Island Acres, the Johnsons, the Rippling River Ranch cabin hosts visitors to the Gunnison Valley. The lok-log cabin has been fully renovated into a three bedroom, three bathroom cabin equipped with a kitchen, living room, and dining area available for reservation at Island Acres Resort Motel. It goes without saying, but it is easily one of the most popular units for rent at Island Acres.

Sleeping up to nine guests, the cabin is perfect for group fishing trips or family reunions. There is plenty of parking space for several vehicles, trailers, and boats. There is even a private lawn and picnic table for your family and pets to enjoy the beautiful Gunnison weather.

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